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GMED Plus Limited
GMED Plus Ltd. New company based on the United Kingdom acquired all the rights from GMED Ltd. to continue producing educational material of high quality.
We are committed to the production of medical education and corporate information/education material in new media and Internet using the latest up-to-date tools. We have a core group of physicians and surgeons and we are able to assemble premier talent in design, video, photography, computer programming and top medical experts in various fields able to produce authoritative content.

We are responsible for virtually all steps of the production process. From the conception of the content, design and planning to the final software, from the filming, music production and editing to the product packaging. We believe that all these tasks, together with the awareness of the needs and demands of our customers, help to improve the quality of the products and services we provide.
GMED Plus Ltd. also acquired the rights of the Lonemedic family of products designed by medical practitioners to organise individual medical and surgical practices. All the software is produced and tested by practicing medical professionals with a clear insight into the needs of the user.
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