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Multimedia Course
In Minor Surgery
Volume II

Introduction to Skin Grafts and Flaps

Gabriel Alvarez Parra MD FRCS
Nick Francis MB BS FRCPath
Brian D Morgan MB BS FRCS
Mr Raj Das-Bhaumik BSc. (Hons.), MBBS, FRCOphth. (Lond).
Luis González Reiman PhD

ISBN: 9780992868116

BISAC: MED085030

Multimedia Course in Minor Surgery Volume 2 is the second book in this series. This volume starts with a short description of the essential superficial anatomy of the face and continues with chapters on skin flaps and skin grafts that provide an introduction to the subject in order to progress to specific details of facial reconstruction by area. 
The last chapter of the book describes the most common small flaps and grafts utilised in facial reconstruction with numerous illustrations, photographs and videos of these operations. Although the inclusion of these techniques in a course in minor surgery is debatable, after publishing the first edition of the book we received multiple requests to include small grafts and flaps. Volume II is the answer to these requests.

I. Anatomy of the Face
II. Introduction to Grafts
III. Introduction to Flaps
IV.Reconstruction of the Face
V. Surgical Procedures
VI. Apendix

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